YANE - Short Software Guide 1.0.1


Implementation details of the main() function

Distributed or Dirichlet boundary control

Using the parameters DIMENSIONSTATE and DIMENSIONCONTROL, the user can directly control the state and control discretization of the system. Setting


will result in a distributed control setting whereas in the case


a Dirichlet boundary setting is obtained.

Implementation details of the model

Distributed or Dirichlet boundary control

The model automatically distinguishes between distributed and Dirichlet boundary control by setting the bool variable yane::ExampleModels2::SemiHeat::_distributedControl in the constructor yane::ExampleModels2::SemiHeat::SemiHeat.

Usage of $ L_2 $ or $ H_1 $ norm

Setting the bool variable yane::ExampleModels2::SemiHeat::_h1norm to true will result in using the $ H_1 $ norm in the running cost function, otherwise the $ L_2 $ norm is used.

Discrete or integral type cost functional

Calling the method yane::ExampleModels2::SemiHeat::getObjectiveWeight the values of weight_continuousCostfunction and weight_discreteCostfunction are returned. Setting, e.g., weight_continuousCostfunction = 1 and weight_discreteCostfunction = 0 an integral type cost functional is used. Note that this method also allows to mix both types of cost functionals.

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