YANE-Framework 1.1.0
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yane::EqSys::NonlinearEquations Class Reference

Class for solving nonlinear equation problems.

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Public Member Functions

int iterationCounter (void)
 Function to get the number of iterations.
 NonlinearEquations ()
void setIpar (int *ipar)
 Function to set the vector of integer parameters.
void setItermax (int itermax)
 Function to set the maximal number of iterations.
void setRpar (double *rpar)
 Function to set the vector of real valued parameters.
 ~NonlinearEquations ()

Protected Attributes

int _dimension
 Dimension of the solution vector.
double * _functionValue
 Array to store the function value.
bool _initialized
 Decision variable on initialization status of the linear equation problem.
int * _ipar
 Array of integer paramters.
int _iterationcounter
 Iteration counter.
int _itermax
 Maximum allowable number of iterations.
double * _rpar
 Array of double parameters.

Static Protected Attributes

static const double _bigbound = 1e20
 Bound to stop diverging iterations.

Member Function Documentation

LIB_EXPORT void yane::EqSys::NonlinearEquations::setIpar ( int *  ipar)

Function to set the vector of integer parameters

iparVector of integer parameters
LIB_EXPORT void yane::EqSys::NonlinearEquations::setItermax ( int  itermax)

Function to set the maximal number of iterations

itermaxMaximal number of iterations
LIB_EXPORT void yane::EqSys::NonlinearEquations::setRpar ( double *  rpar)

Function to set the vector of real valued parameters

rparVector of real valued parameters