YANE-Framework 1.1.0
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yane::NetworkedControl::Controller Class Reference

Class for simulating a distributed plant - sensor - controller - actuator setting.

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Public Member Functions

 Controller (yane::Model::Model *model, int horizon, int prediction, IOInterface *iface, yane::Utils::DebugMaster *debugmaster=0, yane::Utils::StatisticsMaster *statisticsmaster=0)
yane::Model::Modelmodel ()
 Function to return the used class yane::Model::Model object.
 ~Controller ()

Protected Attributes

 Pointer of the class yane::Utils::DebugMaster object used for debugging.
int _horizon
 Length of the control sequence to be computed.
 Pointer of the class yane::NetworkedControl::IOInterface object used for communication purposes.
 Pointer of the class yane::Model::Model object used for optimization and simulation.
int _prediction
 Length of the prediction between current time and the first time instant the computed control shall be valid.
 Pointer of the class yane::Utils::StatisticsMaster object used for producing statistics.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

yane::NetworkedControl::Controller::Controller ( yane::Model::Model model,
int  horizon,
int  prediction,
IOInterface iface,
yane::Utils::DebugMaster debugmaster = 0,
yane::Utils::StatisticsMaster statisticsmaster = 0 


modelPointer of the class yane::Model::Model object used for optimization and simulation
horizonLength of the horizon
predictionNumber of preceding prediction steps
interfacePointer of the input/output interface of class yane::MPC::IOInterface
dmPointer of the debugmanager of class yane::Utils::DebugMaster
smPointer of the statistics manager of class yane::Utils::StatisticsMaster

Member Function Documentation

yane::Model::Model * yane::NetworkedControl::Controller::model ( )

Function to return the used class yane::Model::Model object

Used class yane::Model::Model object