YANE-Framework 1.1.0
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yane::NetworkedControl::RealtimeMPCController Class Reference

Class for simulating a distributed plant - sensor - controller - actuator setting.

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Public Member Functions

yane::NetworkedControl::CyclecontrollerCycle ()
 Function to return the internal cycle object.
yane::Model::Modelmodel ()
 Function to return the used class yane::Model::Model object.
 RealtimeMPCController (yane::Model::Model *model, yane::MPC::ModelShootingData *shootingdata, int horizon, int prediction, yane::MinProg::NLP *minimizer, yane::MPC::OdeManager *odemanager, yane::Utils::RTClock *clock, IOInterface *iface, yane::Utils::DebugMaster *debugmaster=0, yane::Utils::StatisticsMaster *statisticsmaster=0)
virtual void start ()
 Function to start the controller.
virtual void stop ()
 Function to stop the controller.
 ~RealtimeMPCController ()

Protected Attributes

 Pointer of the class yane::Utils::DebugMaster object used for debugging.
int _horizon
 Length of the control sequence to be computed.
 Pointer of the class yane::NetworkedControl::IOInterface object used for communication purposes.
 Pointer of the class yane::Model::Model object used for optimization and simulation.
int _prediction
 Length of the prediction between current time and the first time instant the computed control shall be valid.
 Pointer of the class yane::Utils::StatisticsMaster object used for producing statistics.
 Pointer of the thread dealing with the actuator.
 Pointer of the thread dealing with the input of the controller.
 Pointer of the thread for solving the MPC problem.
 Pointer of the thread dealing with the output of the controller.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

yane::NetworkedControl::RealtimeMPCController::RealtimeMPCController ( yane::Model::Model model,
yane::MPC::ModelShootingData shootingdata,
int  horizon,
int  prediction,
yane::MinProg::NLP minimizer,
yane::MPC::OdeManager odemanager,
yane::Utils::RTClock clock,
IOInterface iface,
yane::Utils::DebugMaster debugmaster = 0,
yane::Utils::StatisticsMaster statisticsmaster = 0 


modelPointer of the class yane::Model::Model object used for optimization and simulation
shootingdataPointer of the yane::Model::ModelShootingData object used for optimization
horizonLength of the horizon
predictionNumber of preceding prediction steps
minimizerPointer of the minimization routine of class yane::MinProg::NLP
odemanagerPointer of the differential equation manager of class yane::MPC::OdeManager
clockPointer of a clock object for log messages
interfacePointer of the input/output interface of class yane::MPC::IOInterface
debugmasterPointer of the debugmanager of class yane::Utils::DebugMaster
statisticsmasterPointer of the statistics manager of class yane::Utils::StatisticsMaster

Member Function Documentation

yane::NetworkedControl::Cycle * yane::NetworkedControl::RealtimeMPCController::controllerCycle ( )

Returns the internal cycle object used by the Network algorithm. Unlike the cycle()-object this one is internally created and continuesly adjusted to the timestamps of incoming sensor values.

Pointer to the internal cycle object
yane::Model::Model * yane::NetworkedControl::Controller::model ( ) [inherited]

Function to return the used class yane::Model::Model object

Used class yane::Model::Model object