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yane::Utils::StatisticsClientIntCounter Class Reference

StatisticsClientIntCounter class. More...

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Public Member Functions

void addValue (int value)
 Function to add an integer value to the statistical variable.
virtual std::string formattedData ()
 Output format of the statistical data.
virtual std::string name ()
 Function returning the name of the client.
virtual void reset ()
 Function to reset the client.
void setValue (int value)
 Function to set the value of the statistical variable.
 StatisticsClientIntCounter (StatisticsMaster *master, const std::string &group, const std::string &name)
virtual ~StatisticsClientIntCounter ()

Protected Attributes

std::string _group
 Name of the group the client belongs to.
 Pointer of the StatisticsMaster object to which the client is connected to.
std::string _name
 Name of client.
int _value
 Value of the statistical variable.

Detailed Description

See also:
StatisticsMaster This class uses a StatisticsMaster to gather integer valued statistical information.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LIB_EXPORT yane::Utils::StatisticsClientIntCounter::StatisticsClientIntCounter ( StatisticsMaster master,
const std::string &  group,
const std::string &  name 


masterPointer of the StatisticsMaster class the client belongs to
groupGroup of clients the client belongs to
nameName of the client

Member Function Documentation

LIB_EXPORT void yane::Utils::StatisticsClientIntCounter::addValue ( int  value)

Function to add an integer value to the statistical variable

valueValue to add to the variable
LIB_EXPORT void yane::Utils::StatisticsClientIntCounter::setValue ( int  value)

Function to set the value of the statistical variable

valueValue the variable is set to